"California sets climate goals and accomplishes them with a positive impact on the economy and our health.

Let’s continue showing the world how it’s done."

Kevin de León
Senate President pro Tempore

Live Stream: Governor Brown Signs Landmark Climate and Clean Energy Legislation in Los Angeles


SB 32: Building for the Future

Set the overarching climate pollution reduction target for 2050 that will provide California businesses with regulatory certainty, improve public health, and strengthen the economy.

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SB 350: Golden State Standards

Spur innovation and investment in a sustainable California by setting the following goals for 2030:

50% utility power coming from renewable energy;

50% increase in energy efficiency in existing buildings.

Proposal, Bill Language, New: Myth versus fact

SB 189: Maximizing Jobs and Economic Growth

Advanced energy is the fastest growing jobs sector in the country, we need to make sure these jobs keep growing all over California.

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SB 185: Investing with Values and Responsibility

Focus on the future and lead by example by having the country’s largest public pension funds move its investments beyond coal.

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