Full Climate Bill Package

SB 9 (Beall)

Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program

Ensure Cap and Trade funding is invested responsibly in projects that maximize greenhouse gas reductions and meet the goals of AB 32.

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SB 32 (Pavley)

California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: emissions limit

Set the overarching climate pollution reduction target for 2050 that will provide California businesses with regulatory certainty, improve public health, and strengthen the economy.

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SB 64 (Liu)

California Transportation Plan

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase sustainability, and help prepare the state transportation system to deal with long-term climate change.

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SB 185 (De Leon)

Investing with Values and Responsibility

Focus on the future and lead by example by having the country’s largest public pension funds move its investments beyond coal.

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SB 189 (Hueso)

Maximizing Jobs and Economic Growth

Advanced energy is the fastest growing jobs sector in the country, we need to make sure these jobs keep growing all over California.

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SB 246 (Wieckowski)

Climate Adaptation

Establishes the California Climate Adaptation Program and program to develop and implement mitigation and adaptation plans to ensure a comprehensive approach to California’s overall climate strategy.

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SB 350 (De Leon & Leno)

Golden State Standards

Spur innovation and investment in a sustainable California by setting the following goals for 2030: 50% reduction in petroleum use; 50% utility power coming from renewable energy; 50% increase in energy efficiency in existing buildings.

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SB 367 (Wolk)

Agriculture Climate Benefits Act

Ensure that California’s agriculture sector maximizes its opportunities to achieve voluntary greenhouse gas emission reductions by developing projects and on-farm practices that also have other environmental and health benefits.

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SB 379 (Jackson)

Climate Adaptation

Ensure cities and counties are providing for the safety and protection of their communities in the future by including climate adaptation and resiliency strategies as part of the safety elements of their general plans.

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SB 398 (Leyva)

Green Assistance Program

Create the Green Assistance Program to provide technical assistance to small businesses, small non-profits and disadvantaged communities to access funding for energy efficiency upgrades or projects that lessen the negative health impacts of poor air quality.

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SB 758 (Block)

Atmospheric Rivers

Require study of atmospheric river patterns to increase water supply reliability and flood protection to make more effective use of their patterns as they produce 30 to 50 percent of California’s rain and water supply within a handful of days each year.

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SB 788 (McGuire & Jackson)

California Coastal Protection Act of 2015

Ensure that the Coastal Sanctuary Act and Marine Protection act are able to provide their intended protections by repealing outdated sections of the Public Resources Code.

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