Ryan Popple

“Proterra commends Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León for his leadership in advancing California’s greenhouse gas emission goals. Senator De León’s support of zero-emission public transit buses ensures that all California residents have the opportunity to ride and commute by electric vehicle and realize the health and other associated benefits.

Tom Steyer

“I join a generation of California business leaders and job creators in applauding Senate President Kevin de León and his colleagues for introducing landmark legislation to ensure California is reaching higher and building on its global leadership in meeting the climate challenge. These are achievable policy proposals that will create good-paying green jobs here in California, mitigate the impact of climate change, and leave a cleaner, safer, more stable world for the next generation.

Mayor Eric Garcetti

"Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León is showing real leadership with this proposal. Reducing carbon pollution is a top priority for Los Angeles, and I look forward to working with the Senator to advance the state's greenhouse gas reduction goals in ways that will benefit our environment, our economy and our most at-risk residents." 

Scientists Agree: SB 100 is Key

August 22, 2018

Dear California state legislators:
As California faces record-setting heat, longer and more dangerous fire seasons, and the growing impacts from droughts and floods, it’s imperative that the state continue its climate leadership and establish a goal to generate California’s electricity entirely from zero-carbon energy sources by 2045. Recent scientific developments related to climate extremes, health impacts of climate change, and accelerating sea level rise give even greater urgency for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Green energy is gold for California, US

August 20, 2018

I am a physicist, and an energy and sustainability science researcher, and I live in California because of its penchant for not just setting but actually achieving big goals and adopting bold visions others may consider too ambitious. What California proposes, we research, debate and then accomplish. In fact, we often exceed the goals skeptics have deemed unmeetable.

California should commit to 100 percent renewable

July 22, 2018

The “100 Percent Clean Energy for California” legislation, Senate Bill 100, would help the state continue its jobs-creating path toward clean energy and also catalyze the nation (and arguably the world) to follow. That’s why 28 major companies, including Adobe and Salesforce and the sustainability nonprofit Ceres, sent letters to the California Assembly, Senate and governor, urging SB100’s passage.