Tom Werner

“Solar power development at all levels is a significant economic force in California, creating over 100,000 jobs, driving innovation and reducing the cost of energy.  Thanks to Senator de León and his distinguished colleagues in the legislature, SB 100 is a bold initiative that will accelerate economic opportunities and further improve our environment.  The world is watching California as it leads the global transition to a clean, reliable, affordable energy future.” 

Nancy Rader

“Collectively, we have learned so much on the way to achieving 33% renewables – technically, legally and commercially – that we are confident that advancing the 50% renewables target to 2026 and setting a 100% clean-energy target for 2045 are both technically and affordably achievable.  Further, raising the 2023 target to 45% will provide a much-needed boost to the near-term renewables market, which is important to spur the repowering of many 1980s-generation wind projects in Kern, Riverside, and Alameda counties.”

Jim Woodruff

"Not only is this vision essential for the world at large, but a fully renewable grid also secures California’s place at the forefront of one of the most significant economic transformations in the history of our planet.”

Strela Cervas

"SB 100 will transition our state away from fossil fuels that have disproportionately impacted the most disadvantaged communities and communities of color. The bill charts a pathway for the public health and economic benefits of local renewable energy to reach communities that need it the most. CEJA applauds the leadership of President pro Team de Leon and California to lead the nation in aggressive and equitable energy policies in a time when our national leaders are moving backwards on climate change and renewable energy."

Kathryn Phillips

“Getting 100 percent renewable is 100 percent possible and 200 percent necessary. SB 100 responds to what survey after survey shows that Californians want: clean energy, clean air and a future for the next generation." 

Dan Jacobson

“We applaud Senator De León’s vision of a rapid, steady transition from the dirty electricity that has been polluting our environment and our communities for far too long to clean, renewable electricity. Environment California is committed to a 100 percent renewable energy future and we support this bill 100 percent.”

Laura Wisland

“Increasing the requirements of California’s RPS over the next 13 years will improve air quality, boost our economy and provide the necessary market signals for additional clean energy investments in California. Today, our state is a world leader on clean energy investment and adoption. SB100 would continue creating momentum for California to dramatically transition away from the use of fossil fuels and reduce the emissions that are warming our planet.”

Bernadette Del Chiaro

“Transitioning to a 100% carbon-free future in an economy the size of California’s requires persistence, commitment, and vision.  CALSEIA stands at the ready in creating the local jobs, carbon-free electricity, and grid reliability that comes with this cleaner future.”