Fix the Grid

"On behalf of the Fix the Grid Coalition, made up of environmental NGOs, renewable companies and manufacturers, we write to express our support for the SB 100 (DeLeon). California is poised to set an entirely new standard for clean energy – the creation of a low carbon grid. The Fix the Grid Coalition writes to urge you to continue to develop and to pass Senate Bill 100, which will put California firmly on the path to achieving a 100% clean electricity supply."


"In 2015 Ceres and many of our business partners supported SB 350, which extended California’s RPS to ensure that 50% of retail electricity sales in California are generated from eligible renewable resources by 2030. By further accelerating and expanding California’s clean energy targets, SB 100 will help position the state to achieve its economy-wide greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. In addition, this policy proposal takes the visionary step of establishing a goal to supply all end-use electricity needs with zero-carbon resources by 2045.

Office of Ratepayer Advocates

"ORA recognizes that SB 100 will further diversify California’s energy portfolio of clean, renewable energy sources. SB 100 also will spur development of innovative technologies, such as energy storage and grid control systems. This growth can increase competition in the energy storage sector, which in turn, can help keep energy service affordable while advancing the state’s climate and other goals. SB 100 provides the foundation for all Californians to benefit from a cleaner environment, continue growth of a robust economy, and improved public health."

LA City Council Resolution

Procuring renewable electricity resources is essential to meeting the state’s climate change goals by displacing fossil fuel consumption and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases associated with electrical generation; and

WHEREAS, procuring renewable electricity resources provides critical reducing air pollution, particularly criteria pollutant emissions and toxic air contaminants; and

Large-scale Solar Association

"As of this year California has approximately 9,800MW of installed utility-scale solar capacity, creating more than 30,000 construction jobs in 2016 alone, and in some of the state’s most disadvantaged communities. These projects will provide enough solar energy to power approximately 1.8M homes in California. Additionally, the long-term contracts for this power source provide an important price hedge against the volatility of conventional power sources.


"Despite the claims of job loss from some CCA detractors over the years, no evidence has been presented in the Legislature to support that claim. To the contrary, CCA renewable procurement has resulted in new steel in the ground in California, totaling over $2 billion in renewable energy investments, as well as the jobs associated with those projects. Moreover, almost all of these new renewable energy projects are built with project labor agreements. Simply put, CCAs have created high paying, local jobs and will continue to do so as part of our core mission."

Cal Wind Energy Association

"Your goal of fully decarbonizing the electric sector by 2045 is in keeping with studies showing that it will be far more difficult to address greenhouse gas emissions in other sectors of the economy. Thus, achieving 80% GHG reductions by 2050, which is necessary to stabilize the climate, will require eliminating carbon emissions from the electric sector. CalWEA is confident that a 100% zero-carbon electricity by 2045 is technically achievable.