Sessions Narrows Trump’s Order Against Sanctuary Cities

May 22, 2017

The New York Times

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday clarified President Trump’s executive order on so-called sanctuary cities, narrowly defining such jurisdictions — and the money they could expect to receive from the federal government — in a way that appeared to fall far short of Mr. Trump’s previous threats to starve all federal funding from localities that limit their cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.

California today: A big swing on sanctuary cities

April 24, 2017

The New York Times

Not long ago, California Democrats were broadly opposed to so-called sanctuary policies that limit cooperation between local police and federal immigration agents.

But times have changed.

A poll conducted by U.C. Berkeley researchers in 2015 found that attitudes on sanctuary policies transcended political affiliation: 82 percent of Republicans and 73 percent of Democrats were opposed to them.

California’s so-called “sanctuary bill” will help protect non-violent immigrants from Trump’s overreach:

April 15, 2017

Los Angeles Times

The Trump administration has embarked on a stepped-up campaign to capture and deport immigrants living in the United States illegally, even if they’ve been here for a long time, have deep roots in the community and have been law-abiding and productive members of American society.

California moves to become "sanctuary state", others to follow

April 10, 2017

The New York Times

With the federal government vastly expanding who is considered a priority for deportation, the California State Senate approved a bill last week that increased protections for immigrants. The measure prohibits local law enforcement agencies from using resources to investigate, detain, report or arrest people for immigration violations.

Hundreds Rally for California’s ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill

March 15, 2017

Fox 40

SACRAMENTO -- Not everyone marching at the Capitol Wednesday was a U.S. Citizen, but all 1,500 of them are proud Californians.

The crowd of marchers urged lawmakers to support SB 54, commonly referred to as the "Sanctuary State Bill."

Right now, California cannot stop federal immigration officers from conducting deportation raids. But if the measure is approved, the state can prevent local peace officers from helping the feds enforce immigration laws.

Supporters said this would keep undocumented families together.

California is on its way to becoming the nation’s first sanctuary state

March 2, 2017

Vice News

By David Noriega

After a series of immigration raids in cities that limit immigration enforcement — including New York, Austin, and Los Angeles — tensions are escalating between the Trump administration and sanctuary jurisdictions the president has repeatedly threatened to defund. Adding to that tension are the recently released documents from the Department of Homeland Security that outline a new enforcement strategy that targets illegal immigrants who have broken the law in any way.