President Trump wants to use local police officers to enforce his mass deportation policy – a policy based on fear and the deceitful premise that all undocumented residents are criminals. Studies have proven him wrong about immigrants and about what will make our communities safer. That’s why law enforcement officials across the nation believe that squandering local tax dollars to tear apart families and erode community trust is a bad idea. Our communities will become less – not more – safe.

 We are committed to protecting those who have contributed greatly to our culture and to making California the 6th largest economy in the world. We are committed to ensuring that all Californians are afforded due-process protections, provided adequate legal representation, and are not persecuted because of religious beliefs.

Please sign your name to protect our residents and our local police officers against a federal overreach that would have them enforcing immigration laws instead of carrying out the duties that keep us all safe.



SB 54: The California Values Act

Will safeguard our people and communities by preventing the use of state and local resources to fuel the immigrant deportation machine.

Proposal, Bill Language

SB 31: California Religious Freedom Act

Protects bedrock Constitutional values by barring California agencies from sharing data that could be used to compile a federal registry based on religion, national origin or ethnicity.

Proposal, Bill Language

SB 6: Due Process for All

Ensures Due Process for All under the law by providing access to qualified legal counsel for immigrates in deportation or removal proceedings.

Proposal, Bill Language