Senate District 37

Over half of all state and local roads are rated in poor condition, require safety improvements and fail to meet earthquake safety standards. The Road Repair and Accountability Act makes sure both state and local agencies have the resources they need to ensure our CA roads and bridges are up to safety standards.

See how this legislation will improve transportation and create tens of thousands of jobs in California with detailed information about annual allocations and projects slated to happen right here in our community.

Local Government Funding

Information on how much money our local governments will receive annually as part of new funding package.

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Upcoming Projects

The State and regional transportation agencies will now be able to complete projects that were halted in 2016 due to inadequate funding.

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Major Congestion Relief Funding Opportunities

Millions of additional dollars will be spent to create better solutions for congested corridors, trade corridors, self help counties.

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Senate District 37: Additional projects slated to be funded Download the PDF | View Postmile Tool

County Route Category Project Description Begin Postmile End Postmile Estimated Cost ($M)
Orange 1 Pavement Cold plane 0.20 ft of existing AC and replace with rubberized Asphalt Concrete Type G. Upgrade exisitng curb ramps to current ADA standards. In Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, from 0.19 mile south of Vista Del Sol to Newport Coast Drive 4.7 14.1 $17.28
Orange 1 Mobility Signals rehabilitation - Replace heads and fitter and upgrade poles due to damages caused by salt water. Various locations on Route 1 Pacific Coast Highway 13 33.6 $20.70
Orange 1 Pavement Enhance Bike lane signs and striping on Pacific Coast Highway. Both directions in the city of Huntington Beach, Seal Beach & Newport Beach 17.4 33.7 $2.60
Orange 5 Mobility Establish a system that has a capability to share Closed Circuit Television images and streams between D12 Traffic Management Center and various locations in a uniform and consistent fashion. R23.94 R23.94 $3.90
Orange 5 Mobility Upgrade and add new functionalities to the existing Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) central computer at D12 Traffic Management Center R23.94 R23.94 $1.56
Orange 5 Mobility Advanced Transportation Management System upgrades and integration of events and incidents management, lane closures, and alternate routes. Phase 2 D12 Traffic Management Center R23.96 R23.96 $4.50
Orange 5 Mobility Upgrade the existing Corridor Adaptive Ramp Metering System D12 Traffic Management Center R23.96 R23.96 $3.50
Orange 5 Mobility Upgrading the current network server to 100 Gig Ethernet network D12 Traffic Management Center R23.96 R23.96 $2.75
Orange 55 Mobility Install High Definition cameras for traffic signals 0 R17.9 $3.50
Orange 55 Pavement Remove and replace Asphalt Concrete In Tustin , Anaheim, NB/SB from 17th Street to SR 91 11.8 17.8 $12.10
Orange 55 Mobility 1.Construct roundabout at Lincoln Av./Santiago Bl. to address backup to the main line downstream. 2. Signal optimization & coordination Lincoln Av. And Santiago Bl. 3. Construct Park&Ride lot at NW corner of Lincoln Av./Santiago Bl. NB SR-55 ramp intersection at Lincoln. 17.2 17.2 $3.38
Orange 57 Bridge 55 0400 Santa Ana River Bridge retrofit 11.96 11.96 $0.00
Orange 73 Bridge Concrete spall repairs and methacrylate bridge deck to seal cracks to extend its service life. structure #s: 55-529L, 55-0530L, 55-0531, 55-0533, 55- 0534, 55-0535, 55-0539L, 55-0539R, 55-0541L, 55- 0541R, 55-0730L, 55-0730R, 55-0731L, 55-0731R, 55- 0733K, 55-0743S, 55-0751L, 55-0751R, 55-0761, 55- 1024S 13.2 27.6 $1.43
Orange 133 Pavement Upgrade Drainage System To Alleviate Flooding SR133, Laguna Canyon Road, City Of Laguna Beach 1.2 1.4 $2.30
Orange 133 Drainage Drainage improvements include: 1. Facilitate area inside the loop on-ramp, under Route 73, and west of Route 133, as a detention basin, 2. Reconstruct the exisitng 3'x5' earthen channel with trapezoidal concrete channel along SB shoulder, 3. Re-grade the flow path from the outlet of the existing 3'x5' RCB (under Laguna Canyon Road) to the inlet of the existing 24" RCP (under El Toro Road) to prevent adverse flow. 3.1 R4.3 $6.80
Orange 133 Mobility Extend the no. 4 lane on southbound SR-133 from SB I-5 connector and add a second lane to NB 405 connector. In the City of Irvine, SB Route 133 between I-405 and I-5 8.3 9.2 $18.07
Orange 133 Pavement Remove and Replace Asphalt Concrete pavement, ramps In Irvine, NB/SB From 405 to SR 241 8.3 13.6 $7.40
Orange 241 Pavement Construct 60" Riser, Re-configure Headwall and Construct Sediment Detention Basin Hicks Haul Road, Eastern Transportation Corridor, City Of Irvine 28.78 28.78 $3.90
Orange 405 Mobility Deploy fixed Closed Circuit Television on 120 on ramp locations in the county 0 24.2 $6.00
Orange 55 91 405 Bridge Seismic retrofit of three bridges based on the Tier 1 list from the 2015 seismic screening: 55 0538F on Rte 55 at PM R4.74; 55 0473 on Rte 91 at PM R0.02; 55 0247 on Rte 405 at PM 2.20. R4.74 R0.02 2.2 R4.74 R0.02 2.2 $10.28
Orange 74 133 241 Bridge Methacrylate bridge deck to seal cracks and extend its service life, remove and replace slope paving, patch and repair concrete spalls, and remove and replace type B joint seals. SR 74 structure #s: 55-0850R SR 133 structure #s: 55-0771F, 55-0772L, 55-0772R, 55- 0773R, 55-0774L, 55-0774R, 55-0781G, 55-0999R, 55- 1000R, 55-1059L SR 241 structure #s: 55-0698, 55-0699, 55-0782G, 55- 0823L, 55-0823R 2.3 4.3 18.1 2.3 12.4 33.7 $1.43
Orange Various Mobility Various Traffic Management Systems work, such as vehicle detection loops, cabinets, field wiring and replacement at a total of 101 locations. Various Various $2.60
TBD 5 Mobility Project proposes to efficiently manage traffic flow during planned and unplanned events in coordination with OCTA and the cities of Anaheim and Orange. I-5 Corridor N. Main Street and Beach Blvd to include only ITS elements. 33 43.2 $5.10
TBD 57 Mobility Project proposes to efficiently manage traffic flow during planned and unplanned events in coordination with OCTA and the cities of Anaheim and Orange. Route 57 between SR-22 and Orangethorpe Ave to include Intelligent Traffic System elements only. 10.7 16.6 $3.00
TBD 91 Mobility Project proposes to efficiently manage traffic flow during planned and unplanned events in coordination with OCTA and the cities of Anaheim and Orange. Route 91 between Beach Blvd and Kraemer/Glassell to include ITS elements only. R2.6 0.0 R4.1 7.2 $4.60