About SB1 (2017)


Fixes Local Streets and Transportation Infrastructure

  • - $15 billion in “Fix-It-First” local road repairs, including fixing potholes.
  • - $7.5 billion to improve local public transportation.
  • - $2 billion to support local “self-help” communities that are making their own investments in transportation improvements.
  • - $1 billion to improve infrastructure that promotes walking and bicycling.
  • - $825 million for the State Transportation Improvement Program local contribution.
  • - $250 million in local transportation planning grants.
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Fixes State Highways and Transportation Infrastructure

  • - $15 billion in “Fix-it-First” highway repairs, including smoother pavement.
  • - $4 billion in bridge and culvert repairs.
  • - $3 billion to improve trade corridors.
  • - $2.5 billion to reduce congestion on major commute corridors.
  • - $1.4 billion in other transportation investments, including $275 million for highway and intercity-transit improvements.

Ensures Taxpayer Dollars Are Spent Properly with Strong Accountability Measures

  • - Constitutional amendment to prohibit spending the funds on anything but transportation.
  • - Inspector General to ensure Caltrans and any entities receiving state transportation funds spend taxpayer dollars efficiently, effectively and in compliance with state and federal requirements.
  • - Provision that empowers the California Transportation Commission to hold state and local government accountable for making the transportation improvements they commit to delivering.
  • - Authorization for the California Transportation Commission to review and allocate Caltrans funding and staffing for highway maintenance to ensure those levels are reasonable and responsible.