Addressing California's Wildfires

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Governor Newsom Signs Wildfire Safety & Accountability Legislation in Sacramento

Taking Action For Utility Customers and Fire Victims

The California State Senate is working closely with the Governor, the Wildfire Commission and public stakeholders to identify solutions and introduce legislation to protect utility customers, fire victims and the reliability of electric and gas service; while addressing climate change to prevent future catastrophes and ensure utility companies put safety and service ahead of profits.


Wildfire Legislation (AB 1054)





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The Press Democrat -- Close to Home: Wildfire plan puts ratepayers first

July 7, 2019

We have all learned hard lessons over the past few years as mega-wildfires have torn across our state, claiming lives and destroying homes. It is clear that we must...

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Napa Valley Register -- Your Turn: Sense of urgency needed to confront fire danger

June 26, 2019

I’ve learned a lot over the past few years as mega-wildfires have torn across our state, claiming lives and destroying property, sometimes in a matter of hours....

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The Sacramento Bee -- PG&E agrees to $1 billion in settlements with California towns, counties ravaged by wildfire

June 18, 2019

Pacific Gas and Electric has agreed to pay the town of Paradise, as well as Butte County and several other Northern California counties $1 billion as part of a...

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The State Senate will Review the Following Recommendations Put Forth By the Governor To:

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Prevent Wildfires

  • Expand fire prevention by investing in fire suppression and response.
  • Make communities more resilient by updating codes and regulations and call on the Federal Government to better manage federal forest land.
  • Incorporate the latest climate impact research and work towards a fully clean energy infrastructure.
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Ensure Safety and Accountability

  • Review wildfire mitigation plans, conduct inspections and audits and enforce safety standards at investor-owned utilities.
  • Improve procedures to allow judges and commissioners to focus on core questions of rate-setting and enforcement.
  • Monitor investor-owned bankruptcy proceedings to protect California's interests and modify liability standards to balance the need for public improvements with private harm to individuals.
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  • Evaluate options to satisfy wildfire claims from the last two years so fire victims are treated fairly.
  • Clarify standards and set clear guidelines when the cost of wildfire damage claims can be passed to ratepayers.
  • Create of a catastrophic wildfire fund and revise the cost recovery standard to spread the cost of catastrophic wildfires more broadly among stakeholders.




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