Senate Democrats

SB15: A Plan for
Higher Education in California


Increase UC enrollment by 5,000 in 2015-16

Increase CSU enrollment by 10,500 in 2015-16


Eliminate UC’s 5% tuition hike for students

Encourage investment in the College Access Tax Credit Fund to increase number of Cal Grant Access Awards

Repeal this year’s scheduled 11% cut to Cal Grants

Fund 7,500 additional Cal Grant Competitive Awards for older, non-traditional students


Establish Completion Incentive Grants to reward CSU students who are making progress towards a 4-year degree

  • $1,000 for completing 30 units by Year 1
  • $1,500 for completing 60 units by Year 2
  • $2,000 for completing 90 units by Year 3

Provide $25 million each to UC and CSU to offer more classes, making it easier for students to graduate on time

Increase funding by $50 million each for UC and CSU to provide more student support services