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In the face of rancor, dysfunction, and instability in the White House and Washington D.C., California continues to embrace diversity, grow our economy and promote opportunity for all.

Democrats hold 27 of the state’s 40 Senate seats, a two-thirds super-majority. Our party’s electoral success reflects California’s shared values of optimism, inclusion and innovation.

100% Clean Energy

Senate Bill 100 puts California on the path to 100% fossil-fuel free electricity by the year 2045. 100% renewable energy means creating thousands of high-quality jobs, reducing the pollution that warms the planet and a cleaner and better future for our children.

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Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Confronting the Housing Crisis

Our affordable housing package is anchored by the Senate's proposals to place a general obligation bond on the November 2018 ballot, create a permanent funding source for affordable housing, and regulatory reform to speed up construction of new housing.

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Preserve California

The legislative package insulates the state from dangerous rollbacks in federal environmental regulations, shields public lands from exploitation and protects whistle blowers and public scientific data.

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2017-2018 Budget

This year's budget spends a record amount on K-12 schools, raising per pupil spending to over $11,000 - the highest in California history.

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Immigrants' Rights

Threats of mass deportation by the federal government rallied California to protect our immigrants, who contribute greatly to our culture and our economy.

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Rebuilding California

Over the next decade, California will invest an additional $5.4 billion annually in road, freeway, bridge and transit projects - creating jobs, lowering commute times and making roads safer.

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California Clean Air Initiative

Not only did Senate Democrats extend the state's landmark greenhouse gas reduction program known as Cap and Trade, they led the way with a new plan to retrofit, replace and invest nearly $1 billion in new clean technologies.

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Senate Democrats 2017 Accomplishments

Protecting California Values.

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