California Climate Leadership: Powering the new economy

SB 189: Committee on Maximizing Jobs and Economic Growth

Author: Senator Ben Hueso

Establish a high-level expert Committee to advise and inform state clean energy and climate actions that ensure maximum job creation and economic benefits to all Californians.


Numerous non-partisan studies and reports show that California’s clean energy and climate programs are creating major public health and environmental benefits.  Many of the same analysis show that these policies are creating jobs and economic growth as well, and are resulting in major new clean energy, transportation, and infrastructure improvements throughout the state.

For example, in December 2014, the Advanced Energy Economy Institute (AEEI) issued its report “California Advanced Energy Employment Survey” which showed that California is the location of over 40,000 businesses serving advanced energy markets, with the creation of roughly 432,000 new jobs and a 5% increase in jobs over 2013.

The University of California at Berkeley Labor Center estimates that meeting California's energy efficiency goals in 2020 will generate 211,000 total jobs, or over 1 percent of California employment. Most of these jobs are high-wage construction and installation jobs that do not require advanced degrees.

Next 10 (a non-partisan, non-profit organization) issued numerous reports showing that clean energy and climate policies result in thousands of new jobs created throughout the state.

In addition to these reports and studies, state agencies like the Air Resources Board, the Energy Commission, and the Public Utilities Commission, all have established ad hoc advisory committees to help them assess the economic impacts and benefits of policies enacted by the Legislature on clean energy and climate policy.

As the Legislature and the Governor articulate next steps for our clean energy and climate policies, it is important to have a more permanent and formal committee that can advise these agencies on the best ways to maximize expenditure of public funds and implementation of low-carbon energy policies to ensure the state achieves the greatest economic growth and job creation.

Create the Committee on Maximizing Jobs and Economic Growth that consists of the following members with expertise in economic, financial, and policy aspects of clean energy economic growth and job creation:

Direct the Committee to ensure California maximizes economic and employment benefits by advising state agencies in the allocation of clean energy and greenhouse gas emission funds and the implementation of clean energy policies.

Require the Committee to report annually to the Legislature and the Governor.

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