What Others Are Saying

“With the new federal administration’s stated interest in rolling back these foundational protections, it is critical that the State act now to retain existing environmental and public health protections. Senate Bills 49, 50 and 51 are important backstops that send a signal that California will stand strong against attempts to undermine or repeal scientifically-driven environmental standards that have been in place for decades.”


Mayor Eric Garcetti
Los Angeles

“SB 49 and SB 50 adopt common-sense measures to allow California to move forward on a path to economic and environmental sustainisabilty, and reject the false choice that economic progress must come at the expense of worker safety, public health, and the environment. For these reasons, we support SB 49 and SB 50”
  • Kate Poole
    Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Jeanie Ward-Waller
    Policy Director, California Bicycle Coalition
  • Dan Jacobson
    State Director, Environment California
  • Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty
    Director, Wholly H2O
  • Susan Jordan
    Executive Director, California Coastal Protection Network
  • Jim Lindburg
    Legislative Director, Friends Committee on Legislation of California
  • Paul Towers
    Organizing Director & Policy Advocate, PAN
  • Melanie Schlotterbeck
    Technical Consultant, Hills For Everyone
  • Chuck Mills
    Director, Public Policy and Grants, California Releaf
  • Sandra Fluke
    California State Director, Voices for Progress
  • Eddie Moreno
    Policy Advocate, Sierra Club
  • Melanie Schlotterbeck
    Green Vision Project Coordinator, Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks
  • Jena Price
    Legislative Affairs Manager, California League of Conservation Voters
  • Parin Shah
    Senior Strategist, APEN
  • Quentin Foster
    Director, California Climate and Energy, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Bill Allayaud
    California Director of Government Affairs, Environmental Working
  • Group
  • Geoff McQuilkin
    Executive Director, Mono Lake Committee
  • Rico Mastrodonato
    Senior Government Relations Manager, The Trust For Public Land

"With the planet already in the midst of the sixth mass extinction and the threats of climate change being felt in earnest, it's the absolute wrong time to weaken protections aimed at recovering California species like the Southern sea otter, humpback, blue, fin, killer and gray whales, pollinating butterflies, steelhead trout, snowy plovers, and dozens of other mammals, birds and insects. Losing biodiversity doesn't just jeopardize the species that go by the wayside. Every one of these species plays a key role in ecosystems, which become less resilient, less sustainable, and less healthy as we lose them. The livable communities we want for Californians - communities with clean air for people to breathe and clean water for us to drink - cannot be achieved with an exclusively human-centric approach that ignores the role that other species play. SB 49 sends a strong, clear message to Washington and to our fellow Californians: We will not allow the weakening of protections necessary for the well-being of California's wild species, ecosystem, ourselves and future generations.”


Jennifer Fearing
The Humane Society of the United States and Defenders of Wildlife

"In California, we have built a thriving economy with environmental stewardship as a core business value. The overwhelming majority of California businesses have made investments in our longstanding environmental and clean water laws. SB 49 keeps in place those baseline standards that businesses have already met and would benefit the businesses that drive our state’s economy. These environmental safeguards provide California businesses a competitive advantage, as the beauty of our state allows us to continuously attract the top talent from across the globe.”


Blue Business Council
The California Business Network for Clean Water

“Strong environmental protections are at the heart of California’s way of life and our state’s economy that is so reliant on tourism and clean technology. Senate Bill 49 and the entire Preserve California legislative package will provide critical safeguards to our clear air and clean water laws in the face of weakened federal regulations from the Trump Administration.”


Terry Tamminen
CEO, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and former Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency