Courthouse News -- Calif. Senate Moves to Check Trump’s Environmental Plans

May 31, 2017

Citing fears the federal government may weaken environmental protections, the California state Senate on Tuesday passed a “Preserve California” package of bills.

The three bills keep in place President Barack Obama-era federal environmental regulations, discourage the sale of federal public land without the state’s permission and safeguard federal whistleblowers authorized to work in California. Los Angeles-area Democrats wrote all three bills, which were met by opposition from Republicans at every step.

“We won’t allow Californians to suffer the consequences of Donald Trump’s reckless slash-and-burn approach to the environment,” California Senate Leader Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, said in a statement. “These measures safeguard public health and ensure we continue to make policy based on the best available science, not ‘alternative facts’ or polluter propaganda.” De León and state Sen. Henry Stern, D-Agoura Hills, co-wrote Senate Bill 49.

The package next heads to the Assembly for approval. With Democrat majorities in both wings of the statehouse and the governor’s office, Republican efforts to derail the measures aren’t likely to be effective.

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