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Mercury News: Editorial -- California must fight Trump on the environment

March 14, 2017

The Legislature should join with Gov. Jerry Brown to build a Green Wall around California.

It’s the only way to preserve the environmental protections Californians value as President Donald Trump sets about dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency.

A package of bills introduced by California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León and three Southern California lawmakers would make the existing federal clean water, clean air and endangered species protections state law.

The bills — SB 49, SB 50 and SB 51 — are designed to preserve California as a model for environmental protections even if Congress follows through on Trump’s deplorable agenda to roll back or eliminate existing ones.

Polls consistently show that the vast majority of Californians — more than 70 percent — support the governor’s work to reduce the impact of climate change on the environment. For 50 years, cleaning up our waterways and improving our air quality has been a national movement with widespread bipartisan support.

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