Kathryn Phillips

"Californians have learned a lot about climate change in the last decade. We know from experience that it changes rainfall patterns, increases air pollution, and makes us more vulnerable to wildfires. We also know how to reduce the public health and environmental risks of climate change and that's by embracing the actions proposed in these bills." 

Lauren Faber

"Pro Tem De Leon and Senators Pavley, Leno, Hueso, and Wieckowski are pushing a bold agenda that will ensure California’s climate and clean energy leadership goes hand-in-hand with robust job growth and economic development. Establishing long-term goals and targets is a win-win for California communities and the California economy. We look forward to partnering with the Senators and other stakeholders this year as these measures move forward.

Dennis Murphy

The U.S. Green Building Council strives to transform the way buildings are designed, built and operated to ensure a healthier, more prosperous and equitable future.  Starting with the first Brown administration, California has led the way towards a forward-thinking clean energy economy. Today our legislative leaders embark on an exciting new era, re-imagining and implementing a vision harnessing our state’s technology and innovation culture.

Stanley Greschner

“As California expands its commitment to transition to a clean energy future, we must make sure that disadvantaged communities are part of the solution and that all Californians have equitable access to these technologies and jobs. These policies and initiatives will ensure equitable access to all Californians.” 

Arno Harris

“This package of legislation is a bold and important step forward in realizing Governor Brown’s vision for California’s continued clean energy leadership. By increasing our State’s commitment to renewable energy, we deliver cleaner air and greater economic prosperity to Californians.”

Brigid McCormack

“Taking aggressive action on carbon pollution helps us protect two of California’s greatest assets – our diverse communities and our natural treasures. Recent Audubon research shows that more than 170 birds face a dire future unless we work to address global warming. But beyond that, we deserve clean air to breathe and the ability to enjoy our beautiful outdoor places.”

Tom Werner

“Climate change is threatening our environment and health, and California is leading the transition from a heavy reliance on fossil fuel-based energy to a clean, efficient and thriving economy powered by renewables. SunPower directly employs about 750 people in California, and thousands more through our independent dealer channel.”

Ahmad Chatila

“These types of long-term policies help provide much needed market certainty – they helped convince SunEdison to move our operational headquarters back to California in 2011. Moreover, the state has proven that it can reliably integrate greater renewable energy goals and reap energy and economic benefits from doing so. And our customers want this product because they are looking to save money on their energy bills. The Governor and Senate leadership should be applauded for their vision that will create more jobs in California.”

Olivia J. Gertz

“Climate change is the most important public health issue of our time and reducing climate pollution will generate billions in public health benefits for all communities in California.  Each step forward to clean up transportation, electricity generation and other pollution sources means fewer asthma attacks and fewer hospitalizations for asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Lyndon Rive

“SolarCity is proud to stand with Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León and Senate Leadership today in support of historic legislation to significantly expand the use of one of the state’s most valuable resource: abundant sunshine. Doing so will drastically reduce dangerous carbon emissions while bolstering the reliability our grid and continuing the growth of solar jobs at a rate 10 times faster than the state’s overall economy.