Senate District 10

Bob Wieckowski Fremont

Over half of all state and local roads are rated in poor condition, require safety improvements and fail to meet earthquake safety standards. The Road Repair and Accountability Act makes sure both state and local agencies have the resources they need to ensure our CA roads and bridges are up to safety standards.

See how this legislation will improve transportation and create tens of thousands of jobs in California with detailed information about annual allocations and projects slated to happen right here in our community.

Local Government Funding

Information on how much money our local governments will receive annually as part of new funding package.

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Upcoming Projects

The State and regional transportation agencies will now be able to complete projects that were halted in 2016 due to inadequate funding.

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Major Congestion Relief Funding Opportunities

Millions of additional dollars will be spent to create better solutions for congested corridors, trade corridors, self help counties.

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Senate District 10: Additional projects slated to be funded Download the PDF | View Postmile Tool

County Route Category Project Description Begin Postmile End Postmile Estimated Cost ($M)
Alameda 84 Pavement Pavement preservation (CAPM) 6.9 10.8 $6.50
Alameda 84 Pavement RSP, replace culverts 12.3 14.3 $1.76
Alameda 84 Mobility Ramp improvements var var $2.10
Alameda 185 Pavement Pavement preservation (CAPM) from A Street to Garcia Avenue 0.38 9.75 0.90 10.09 $12.38
Alameda 580 Pavement Route 680 to Route 238 20.7 30.8 $66.00
Alameda 880 Pavement Pavement preservation (CAPM) 0 12 $37.13
Alameda 880 Mobility Ramp Meter Upgrade/Replace/Relocate Type 1b RM Standard to Mastarm Type 0 32 $12.61
Alameda 880 Bridge Br No 0236 Tennyson Road Overcrossing, Br No 0166 Washington Ave Overcrossing, Br No 33-0142K Damon Slough (SB On Ramp) 15.65 15.65 $3.00
Alameda 80 92 Bridge Br No 0023 University Ave Overcrossing , Br No 33 0093 Orchard Ave Underpass 5.82 7.26 5.82 7.26 $6.02
Alameda Var Mobility 2-yr service contract to augment the Division of Traffic Operations in troubleshooting, repair, and upkeep the District Transportation Management System Var Var $10.00
Alameda Var Mobility Upgrade Ramp Meter Controller and Replace "METER ON" Ped-Head Signs. Var Var $7.26
Alameda Various Mobility Restoration of Non-Operational Vehicle Detection Devices Various Various $5.93
Alameda Contra Costa var Mobility Modify signal/ install signal var var $1.20
Santa Clara 82 Bridge Br No 37-0214 De La Cruz Blvd Overcrossing , Br No 37- 0091 Mayfield PUC, 37-0092 University Ave Overcrossing 11.38 11.38 $1.62
Santa Clara 87 Pavement Rte 280 to Rte 101 5.1 9.2 $7.81
Santa Clara 101 Pavement Guadalupe River to San Mateo County Line 40.2 52.6 $55.00
Santa Clara 237 Mobility Construct Auxiliary Lane. On westbound Route 237 from North First St. Interchange to Coyote Creek Bridge 7.1 7.8 $9.00
Santa Clara 237 Mobility Construct Auxiliary Lane. On eastbound Route 237 from North First St. to Zanker Rd. Interchanges 7.1 7.8 $8.00
Santa Clara 680 Mobility Upgrade RM Controller and Replace "METER ON" Ped- Head Signs. Var Var $12.09
Santa Clara 237 880 Bridge Br No 37-0178 Route 237/101 Separation, Br No 37- 0127 Park Avenue Overcrossing 2.45 2.45 $2.19
Santa Clara Various Mobility Restoration of Non-Operational Vehicle Detection Devices Various Various $6.25
Various Various Mobility Restoration of Non-Operational Vehicle Detection Devices Various Various $9.51