Fiscal Soundness:

California will continue on a path of fiscal responsibility putting money aside in the state’s rainy day fund.


Creating Affordable Child Care:

This year’s budget invests $468 million to ensure over 13,000 additional children will have access to affordable child care so parents can continue to work and provide for their families.


Investing in our Future:

This year’s budget increased funding for K-12 schools from $47 Billion to $78 Billion - the largest funding increase in seven years.


Higher Education:

Senate Democrats invested $335 million in the CSU and UC systems to increase enrollment, improve graduation rates, and stop tuition increases for California students.


Fighting Homelessness:

Confronting California’s housing crisis head on, California’s budget directs $500 million to cities and counties for emergency housing assistance for the homeless.


Fire Safety:

Fires and mudslides have devastated California families statewide. This year’s budget invests in disaster recovery funds for victims so they can begin to put their lives back together.


Cleaner Environment and Communities:

$1.4 billion will go towards protecting our environment through greenhouse gas reduction initiatives like low-carbon transportation, climate-smart agriculture, and clean-energy research.


On time. Balanced. Adds to Reserve.

Democrats continue to lead an era of responsible, progressive, and stable state budgeting that has grown our state’s economy to be responsive to future needs.