Senate DemocratsSB15: A Plan for Higher Education in California

What Others Are Saying

Campaign for College Opportunity:

“Today, California’s Senate Pro Tempore Kevin de León joined long-time higher education champion Senator Marty Block, in proposing a visionary set of higher education policies aimed at improving college access, affordability, and completion… This is the type of bold policy California needs to turn around our system of higher education to ensure more students can go to college, graduate, and meet our workforce and economic needs. We applaud Senators De León and Block for proposing such an ambitious plan and look forward to working alongside them to further strengthen this student-centered legislation moving forward.”

California State Student Association:
"At the California State Student Association, we are pleased to see that the policies outlined in the Senate Democratic Caucus proposal are focused on students and student success," said Devon Graves, Chair of CSSA. "By prioritizing the creation of more seats for qualified students to attend the CSU, improving time to degree, and expanding critical support services, it is clear that the Legislature understands the unique mission of the CSU and is recommitting to its students and their families. The invaluable work done last year by legislative champions and higher education advocates shined a light on the opportunity higher education provides to Californians and the value it brings to the state. We look forward to continuing this work with Senate Pro Tempore De León, Speaker Atkins, and Governor Brown to keep California's public higher education institutions affordable, accessible, and among the greatest in the world."

Lil Taiz, President of the California Faculty Association:
“The California Faculty Association is pleased that the Senate is focusing its attention on an issue of importance to all Californians – higher education. We are also pleased that the pro Tem is emphasizing the key issues of access and affordability. These issues have been of critical importance to CFA for many years. We look forward to seeing more details on the proposal and to working with the pro Tem to ensure quality, affordable higher education for all California’s students.”

Association of Independent CA College and Universities:
“On behalf of the members of AICCU, California’s association representing the private, nonprofit sector of higher education and the 320,000 students it serves, we applaud Senate President Protem Kevin de León and the Senate Democratic Caucus for proposing a comprehensive, intersegmental, student-centered plan for Higher Education in California.  AICCU shares in the prioritization of the three pillars of the plan—access, affordability and completion—and extends our support for the plan’s concepts as we enter into the new legislative session.

The outlined proposal by the Senate Democratic Caucus reiterates the value and need for a stronger, more effective system of higher education in California, particularly with the changing demographics of the state and the increasing number of families facing economic challenges.  AICCU strongly supports the SB 15 framework that seeks to ease the pathway to opportunity for California students, particularly low-income students who have been served through the State’s Cal Grant program  since 1955…”

Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS):
“Senator Kevin de León’s Higher Education Plan focuses on college accessibility, affordability, and completion, which the state needs to propel the economy and close equity gaps.  Increasing need-based financial aid is crucial to meeting those goals, and we look forward to working with the Legislature over the coming months to ensure new investments help the students who need them most."

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU):
The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) applauds Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León’s proposal increasing funding for access and success in California’s higher education system… We look forward to working with the pro Tem, the Legislature, and the Governor to pass a package proposal that prioritizes state support for higher education in California, including full funding for public higher education and prioritization of funding for first-generation, low-income students,” said HACU President and CEO Antonio R. Flores. “California’s future workforce rests on ensuring that all students have access to a quality education that is within their financial grasp.”