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Hydro, wind and solar make inroads in California's electric grid
Los Angeles Times
July 20, 2017

Wetter weather and continued growth in renewable energy sources resulted in some big changes in electricity generation in California in 2016, according to numbers recently released by the California Energy Commission.

Natural gas still accounted for the largest single share of in-state power generation but the amount deployed dropped 10% last year.

The difference was largely replaced by electricity produced by large hydro facilities — home to reservoirs that started to fill up at the end of 2016 as one of the wettest winters on record began — and production from wind and solar, which each posted double-digit growth.

Solar Beats the Heat
The Huffington Post
July 18, 2017

In the wake of a changing climate, solar power proved reliable – and essential – in California’s energy mix


As temperatures in California soar to record highs, California’s Independent System Operator (CAISO) data showed that large-scale solar plants daily provide more than 11% of the total electricity on the grid. In the evening on the hottest days, when demand for power peaked as families returned home and kicked on air conditioners, large solar plants can supply more than 15% of California’s peak electricity needs.

Clean Energy Is Trouncing Oil, Gas and Coal in Trump Era
July 18, 2017

President Donald Trump took office vowing to revive the coal industry’s fortunes. So far, the smart money has been on clean energy.
An index of 40 publicly-traded solar companies, wind-turbine component makers and others that benefit from reduced fossil fuel consumption is up 20 percent this year. That’s more than double the S&P 500’s 9.8 percent gain. And better than the 8.3 percent rise by an index of leading coal companies.

Governor Jerry Brown Likely To Face Decision On 100 Percent Clean Electricity
July 14, 2017

A key vote this week in Sacramento has moved California closer than most people could imagine to a future in which all electricity — 100 percent of it — is produced without releasing more carbon into the air. When Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De León proposed the bill, many viewed it as aspirational. Now, it could actually become the law of the land.

100% Clean Energy? In California, SB 100 May Make it Possible
Union of Concerned Scientists
July 7, 2017

Right now, much attention is focused on the California Clean Energy Act of 2017 (“SB 100” for short). SB 100 would accelerate the state’s primary renewable energy program—the Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS)—which was created to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and improve air quality. The RPS currently requires every utility in the state to source 50% of its electricity sales from renewables by 2030.

The Green Energy Revolution Will Happen Without Trump
The New York Times
June 20, 2017

The price of solar cells, for example, plummeted in recent years, allowing states like California — a role model for climate policy at the state level — to substantially increase investment in that technology.

No, Rick Perry, California's renewable energy policies aren't dangerous for the grid
Los Angeles Times
June 11, 2017

The argument that renewables will inherently destabilize the grid is nonsense, nothing more than a reflexive objection from those who see their fossil fuel investments dwindling.

Why red states should oppose Trump on climate
June 7, 2017

President Donald Trump argued Thursday that the Paris climate agreement was a raw deal for America -- one that would kill jobs across the country. What he didn't say was that the accord supports solutions like wind energy, which incentivize US business to invest in energy projects that largely benefit his base of rural Republicans.

Clean energy too big to be shut down by Trump
San Francisco Chronicle
June 4, 2017

Other major factors that will keep driving the change to renewable energy are the plummeting price of solar and wind power across the country — a recent study from financial advisory firm Lazard found both to be cheaper in most circumstances than new coal-fired generation — and lifestyle benefits associated with it.

Fighting Trump on Climate, California Becomes a Global Force
The New York Times
May 23, 2017

LOS ANGELES — California is not only fighting to protect its legacy of sweeping environmental protection, but also holding itself out as a model to other states — and to nations — on how to fight climate change.