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CA breaks energy record with 80% of state's power generated using renewable methods
The Independent
August 10, 2017

The Golden State has soaked up enough rays to generate 67.2 per cent of its energy from renewable sources last month, smashing previous records. When combining California’s largest grid with hydropower facilities, renewable energy rose even further to 80.7 per cent of total energy generation on 13 May.

No, city pledges to get 100% renewable energy are not misleading
August 8, 2017

What disturbs the old guard…is that cities are endorsing a future in which coal and natural gas are obsolete. The doomsaying from fossil fuel defenders will only get more shrill as that inevitable fate gets closer.

California Aims to Use 100% Renewable Energy by 2045
August 3, 2017

California’s clean energy sector keeps smashing records, as clean energy jobs in California alone outnumber coal jobs nationwide by an order of magnitude. In March, solar supplied more than half of the state’s power for a few hours.

California Goes All In - 100% Renewable Energy By 2045
August 1, 2017

Kevin de León and Jerry Brown are determined to show the world that California's energy future will not be dictated by the sitting president.

JPMorgan Chase Commits To 100% Renewable Energy By 2020 & Facilitating $200 Billion In Clean Energy Financing By 2025
July 31, 2017

Multinational banking giant JPMorgan Chase has announced it is committing to sourcing 100% of its energy needs from renewable energy by 2020 and a promise to facilitate $200 billion in clean financing through 2025.

Wind energy development rose 40% in Q2
Utility Dive
July 31, 2017
  • Wind energy development and construction rose 40% in the second quarter compared to the same time last year, according to a new report from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). 
  • Nationwide, 29 wind projects with a combined capacity of 3,841 MW began construction in Q2, bringing the total to 25,819 MW of wind projects in various phases of construction, 7,500 MW more than the end of Q2 2016. 
  • On another front, Kansas became the fifth state to reach the benchmark of 5,000 MW of installed wind energy. The majority of those projects are centered in the Midwest, Texas and the Mountain West (including states like Wyoming.)
Study of Renewable Energy In America Finds Solar Power Has Grown 43-Fold Since 2007
The Inertia
July 31, 2017

New York has been graced with strong sun and whipping winds that electricity companies have harnessed for renewable energy in the past several years. The state has seen a 6,548% increase in the amount of energy it gets from the sun and a 473% increase in wind power production since 2007, according to a report released by the Environment New York Research & Policy Center. While the state’s been undergoing an energy revolution, the findings in New York advances are really just a glimpse into America’s growth toward using more and more renewable energy sources.

Bill to speed up renewables gains traction
E&E News
July 28, 2017

California legislators' bid to speed up the pace of renewable energy adoption is moving into the political spotlight.

Having reached a two-thirds vote last week on a bill to extend the state's cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gases through 2030, lawmakers are now turning their attention to state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León's (D) S.B. 100.

U.S. wind power momentum up 40 percent from last year
July 28, 2017

July 28 (UPI) -- About half of the population in the state of Kansas could now be drawing energy from wind power as the U.S. sector gains momentum, an industry report showed.

A quarterly report from the American Wind Energy Association found the sector is gaining traction. Compared with last year, there were 40 percent more wind energy projects under construction or advancing through the development stage during the second quarter.

Letters to the editor: SB 100 will help diminish reliance on fossil fuels
Inland Empire Community News
July 20, 2017

Dear Editor:

Black soot from trucks, seas of freeways, and the perpetuation of unstable warehouse jobs are the circumstances my future is faced with as a young first generation Mexican student.  At school, we are taught to think critically about the problems our society faces, and one common issue that weaves the struggles I’ve mentioned above is climate change and environmental injustice, specifically caused from burning fossil fuels.