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California revives 100-percent carbon-free energy bill
July 3, 2018

California lawmakers on Tuesday revived a long-stalled proposal to set a goal of generating 100 percent of the state’s energy from carbon-free sources.

UC Berkeley Labor Center finds diversity in renewable energy workforce
The Daily Californian
September 7, 2017

If SB-100 is approved, that would drive further growth construction, more jobs and more openings in apprenticeship programs.

The path to carbon-free electricity
Capitol Weekly
September 7, 2017

It’s about time. Clean energy benefits our climate, as well as our health and our wallets.

Why Inland area leaders are pushing for carbon-free energy
The Press Enterprise
September 7, 2017

As costs of producing solar power have come down and efficiency has increased, goals that once seemed unattainable have become more realistic, even a figure as lofty as the 100 percent target in SB100.

How States Will Hit 100 Percent Clean Energy
Scientific American
September 5, 2017

California's largest utilities already are slated to generate enough renewable power to get close to meeting the state's current mandate of 50 percent from renewables by 2030.

Palm Springs officials, religious leaders rally behind clean energy bill
Desert Sun
August 31, 2017

Senate Bill 100, an ambitious clean energy plan put forward by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, drew praise from Palm Springs Mayor Rob Moon and Council member Geoff Kors Wednesday, who said the push for clean energy would create jobs and conserve resources.

California's goal: an electricity grid moving only clean energy
Los Angeles Times
August 31, 2017

California has been marching toward higher levels of clean energy for years, and state officials said the transformation is happening even faster than expected. The state generated 29% of its power from solar, wind, geothermal and other renewable sources in 2016.

Wind power costs could drop 50%. Solar PV could provide up to 50% of global power. Damn.
August 31, 2017

Solar is going to play a much bigger role than most models predict. So far, official predictions have fallen woefully short of the rise of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy:

California Lawmakers Begin Push for 100% Clean Energy by 2045
NBC News
August 23, 2017

If lawmakers approve Senate Bill 100 before the end of their session in September, it would make California the biggest economy on earth committed to getting 100 percent of its power from wind, solar and other clean alternatives.

PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and the Environment
Public Policy Institute of California
August 10, 2017

Key findings from the current survey:

  • Strong majorities of California adults (72%) and likely voters (66%) favor the new state law mandating reductions in greenhouse gas emissions; 56% of adults and 49% of likely voters support the state’s cap-and-trade program.
  • Half of Californians believe state climate policies will lead to more jobs, while most (54%) expect gas prices to rise.
  • Overall job approval is low in California for both the president and Congress; state leaders fare much better, and their approval ratings on environmental issues have risen.