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NEWS RELEASE: What Others Are Saying About the “No Place Like Home” Initiative
Friday January 8, 2016

NEWS RELEASE: Senate Announces “No Place Like Home” Initiative To Tackle Homelessness in California
Monday, January 4, 2016

NEWS RELEASE: Senate to Introduce Budget Proposal to Tackle Homelessness
Sunday, January 3, 2016

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Mercury News editorial: Housing California's homeless
San Jose Mercury News

The California Legislature is about to make a serious run at one of the state's most difficult challenges: Creating housing for homeless people with mental health problems. Legislators should join Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon's "No Place Like Home" initiative, which without raising taxes will provide $2 billion for housing for the mentally ill.

Gov. Jerry Brown backs $2-billion plan to ease homelessness across California
Los Angeles Times, 5/16/16
Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday threw his support behind an ambitious $2-billion plan to build housing for California’s mentally ill homeless population.

State senator promotes $2B homeless plan funded by tax on millionaires
Daily Bulletin, 03/03/16
Admitting that a fragmented government system is responsible for rising homelessness across Los Angeles, city and county leaders joined state officials at a townhall meeting in Pacoima Thursday to discuss housing strategies they say will cost billions, but will help more people.

California legislators propose spending $2 billion to build housing for homeless
Los Angeles Times, 01/04/16
Downtown leaders and homeless advocates applauded the senators’ initiative... The city and county of Los Angeles have been moving toward the model, which is endorsed by most experts and the federal government, but some funding still goes to housing with sobriety or treatment requirements, advocates said.

California lawmakers propose $2 billion 'No Place Like Home' plan to aid homeless
KPCC 89.3  Southern California Public Radio, 01/04/16
California senators announced a $2 billion initiative at Skid Row Monday that aims to prevent and fight homelessness in the state, which has the country’s largest homeless population.

Fighting homelessness: California lawmakers unveil $2 billion plan to build housing
San Jose Mercury News By Jessica Calefati 01/04/16
If lawmakers enact the plan, city and county governments could apply for a portion of the bond proceeds as well as $200 million in funding from the state budget for temporary housing assistance. The plan also calls for increased state spending on grants for aged, blind and disabled Californians who cannot work.

State Lawmakers Propose $2 Billion In Bonds To House The Homeless
KPBS San Diego Public Radio 01/04/16
Supporters of the initiative lauded its "housing first" approach, which focuses on providing housing stability to those struggling with mental health issues.

Lawmakers Propose $2 Billion Plan To Provide Housing To Calif. Homeless
CBS13 Sacramento, 01/04/16
The housing bond would be enough to help local governments construct more than 10,000 housing units primarily for those with mental illness when it’s combined with other federal and local money, estimated Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles.